Just call me spud. 
You can contact me on icq
my # is 32543305.

Just some stuff about me:

My real name is Kris Heslin, I'm 17 years old and currently going to school at Hillmorton High. I live in New Zealand in a city called Christchruch.

Well I would just like to say a big "HI" to all me mates at Hillmorton High School here in Christchurch.
That includes you ELMO, well this is my first attempt at a web page so, yeah, I'm learning a lot.

Just some funnie's 
Get more of these funny pics from the link below.

Some R/C car's. 
The First is my mates Subaru WRC Rally Car. Like the Celica they are both setup for road racing so can't really be used for rallying.( But we still try ) The Subaru is pretty standard but having a sport tuned motor with a 19t cog. The second is a Toyota Celica GT4, this is my car. It is pretty standard other than having a Sport Tuned motor added plus a 23T cog. It can do about 27km/p, 2km/p faster than the Subaru, hopefully we will be able to upgrade them in the near future. I will have a real R/C picture of the Subaru WRC car soon, instead of the real WRC 97 driven here by Colin McRae.

Favourite links
This A Mrpotatohead web page. 
Find all the facts about the famous SPUD. 
Peters 3D PC Driving Games
This is one awesome site for car games. 
Art is Freedom
This is my brothers web site, kinda arty. 

This a selection of different R/C sites.
This has links to all the major R/C sites.
 The Link to more Funnies
Some really cool pictures to make ya laugh.
You can send these really cool cards to all ya mates.
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[email protected]
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